Tea fields and magnetic sands

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Price: 200,00 GEL

Currently, Batumi’s tea fields are neglected, but if you drive a few kilometers, you will reach the region of Guria – a place, where the many years of tradition in tea cultivation is still cared for.

Our journey will start from the visit in a beautifully situated coastal town of Tsikhisdziri, which is the location of the ruins of a byzantine fortress Petra, build of which was initiated by the emperor Justinian I the Great.

The next point of our agenda is a trip to Ureki, which is a town known for its unique Magnetiti beach. In contrast to other Georgian Black Sea resorts, this one has a beach with graphite sands. The locals claim that this special sand has healing properties and has a positive effect on blood circulation, arthritis and other skeletal diseases. We can find out whether it’s true by burying ourselves in the sand from head to toe.

Following the healing rest on the beach we will visit a tea plantation, where we can get to know its history, see how it’s cultivated, gathered and prepared to be brewed. Next we will enter the local production hall, where besides the tea, a fruit-based vodka is prepared by the workers. The owner purchases seasonal fruits from the local orchards and makes various liquors, including the well-known Georgian chacha.

After we personally learn the hardships of working on a plantation and a factory, we invite you to a Georgian feast with a view of Ozurgeti, a town where during the Soviet Union people established an Institute of tea and subtropical cultures. During the feast, we will be able to try delicious liquors, which are prepared there, and also see a performance of a local folk band, which will sing their traditional songs especially for us.

The journey will end in Batumi, and the whole trip will take about 7 hours.

Price: 200 GEL (about 53 EUR) per person

The minimum amount of participants is 6 people.

The price includes transport, a guide’s assistance, a feast with a folk band, tasting of tea and vodka and an entrance to the Petra fortress.

In order to sign for the trip, please contact Jan +995 591965100, Tomek +995 558154189 or Nastya +995 599741481. We are all available on WhatsApp and Viber.


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